Privacy Policy

The Secure ID Coalition does not sell, rent, exchange or otherwise disclose our mailing lists or information about our site visitors, except when compelled by law (we discuss this exception in greater detail here).

This Privacy Policy covers the Secure ID Coalition’s main Web site at, as well as other Secure ID Coalition -created or Secure ID Coalition -maintained sites that link directly to this Policy. Such other sites may also provide supplemental information in a site-specific policy.

When you visit any Web page hosted at our Web site, we will record the following information about you in our log files:

  • Internet Protocol (IP) address - The address of your computer on the Internet. Your IP address gets transmitted whenever you communicate online or surf the Web so that the content you are looking at and the people you are talking to can find your computer on the network.
  • Browser type, version, and operating system –Knowing the browsers (for example, Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox 3.5.3) and operating systems (for example Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP or Mac OS X) used by our visitors helps us optimize the display and delivery of our site for visitors accessing it from differing software platforms.
  • Screen size - Knowing the screen sizes used by our visitors helps us optimize the display and delivery of our site for visitors.
  • Technologies supported by your browser for Java, Adobe Flash, Adobe Director, and Adobe PDF, and the audio formats supported by your browser for RealPlayer, QuickTime, and Windows Media Player – Knowing the formats supported by visitors’ browsers helps us optimize the content on our site for visitors accessing it with different browser configurations.
  • URL of the page that directed you to our site – If you arrive at our Web site through a link on another Web site - a blog, newspaper article, or search engine, for example - our Web server will record the address of the Web page that referred you to our site. If you arrive at our Web site by clicking on a search result returned by a search engine, our server will record the search terms that you used.
  • Whether you have bookmarked our Web site on your Web browser – This information is only reported for Internet Explorer users.
  • The Web pages within our site that you visit, the Web page you visit first on our site (the entry page), and the Web page you visit last on our site (the exit page).
  • Bandwidth used – The total number of bytes downloaded when you browse our site.
  • Amount of time you spend during a visit to our site.
  • Time and date of your site visit.