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Barone: Verifying Worker SSNs Critical to Immigration Bill Success

With the eyes of an nervous nation focused on the Senate immigration reform bill, respected DC pundit and American Enterprise Institute Fellow Michael Barone weighed in on what he considers a prime justification for the bill: reforming E-Verify so that it actually works. Without it, the current bill’s failure to verify Social Security numbers for employment will lead to the same wave of illegal immigration we suffered in the aftermath of the 1986 amnesty. You can read his article here.


FTC’s New Video on Identity Theft: Good Luck Restoring Your Trashed Credit!

The Federal Trade Commission, the American citizen’s stalwart against business shenanigans and malfeasance, put out a new video describing what identity theft looks like and what steps you can take to stop the fraudsters from grinding your good credit score into the single digits. In an attempt to reduce incidents of fraud that impact over 9 million Americans each year, they list a litany of vectors where the bad guys take advantage of average folk like us, such as using stolen Social Security numbers to file fraudulent tax returns, open new accounts, obtain a job, or even get medical care. Their solution: a comprehensive document entitled “Taking Charge: What To Do If Your Identity is Stolen” and an odd three-page PDF of links that might be useful if the links actually worked. What the government should be doing is taking decisive actions to prevent the fraud before it wipes out your life savings (and the U.S. Treasury).


An Upgraded Social Security Card Can Save Millions of Americans from Tax Scams

The hottest topic right now, both throughout Washington DC and across America, is immigration reform. The very heart of the immigration reform debate is about ensuring jobs, rights, and benefits to US citizens and legal aliens authorized to access them; one of these rights (although most of us consider it a burden) is the ability to pay taxes. Unfortunately, identity thieves have found a way to infringe on this right, scamming millions of Americans out of billions of dollars’ worth of taxpayer refunds using stolen Social Security numbers. As part of the immigration reform, both President Obama and a group of eight Senators have proposed an upgraded Social Security card to protect citizen identity when applying for a job. It’s an idea that will not only protect American workers’ jobs, but their tax refunds, as well.


Secure ID Coalition Testifies Before the National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics

The Secure ID Coalition Executive Director Kelli Emerick testifies before the Department of Health & Human Service’s National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics, speaking on the efficiencies smart cards can bring to the healthcare sector. To read her full testimony, please see here.


House Judiciary Committee Immigration Hearing

On February 5, 2013, the House Judiciary Committee held a hearing on immigration reform. It was the  first hearing of the 113th Congress on immigration reform and as expected raised many of the concerns Congressional leaders voiced around a path to citizenship and enforcement.  Wanting to address the loopholes still open from the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, many Committee Members asked witnesses what failed and how can those problem be address this time. Several witnesses testified interior enforcement; including employment verification is not effective, causing new waves of illegal immigration. Technology solutions dominated the discussion including the use of biometrics, and hardened identity credentials to improve employment verification.  To read more about using technology and biometrics to improve employment verification, see our recent blog post. To watch the full hearing, please see the website for the Committee on Judiciary.


Immigration Reform & a Smart Card Renaissance in America

As expected, there have been new developments in immigration reform. This can be seen by the introduction of an evenly divided, bipartisan Senate framework, announced on January 28th which outlined comprehensive immigration reform, from a pathway to citizenship for the 11 million illegal immigrants in the nation to a stronger employee verification system. President Obama expressed his support for the Senate plan in a press conference in Las Vegas,, and announced his four part proposal for immigration reform, which not only built upon the principles of the Senate outline, but also expanded on a number of key issues, the most significant of which will thrust smart cards into the national political debate.


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