SIDC Announced New Action Center to Push Medicare into the 21st Century!

The Secure ID Coalition is thrilled to announce the launch of its new Action Center to build grassroots support for the Medicare Common Access Card Act (H.R.3220/S.1871), a bipartisan measure in Congress that will upgrade the current paper Medicare card with the same secure, electronic smart card trusted by the Department of Defense to authorize access to its most secure IT systems and facilities—including the Pentagon.

Members of Congress have begun to recognize that if we are going to get serious about stopping Medicare fraud, we have to start by modernizing the current paper Medicare card. Last week Bloomberg BNA reported on the latest efforts by members of the House Ways & Means Committee to bring Medicare into the 21st Century by upgrading the Medicare Card. The article summarized efforts in last week's House Ways & Means Committee hearing in which Rep. Peter Roskam highlighted the Medicare Common Access Card Act (click here to watch Rep. Roskam tackle the issue head on).

The issue is gaining traction on social media and the blogosphere. Members of Congress have tweeted about how a modernized Medicare card can reduce fraud and protect seniors, and identity security company ID Experts recently published a detailed blog post that took an in-depth look at efforts behind the scenes to make an upgraded Medicare card a reality.

While this important issue has gained significant momentum over the past year, we need your help to make a modernized Medicare card a reality. Click here to access the Secure ID Coalition's new Action Center, where you can send messages directly to your representatives and senators asking them to support the Medicare Common Access Card Act. (Note: Your name and address will only be used to identify your correct representatives in Congress and will not be shared with any third parties.)

Let's work together to stop the fraud, protect seniors, and ensure Medicare is protected for future generations!

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