Our Mission

The Secure ID Coalition is an affiliation of companies providing digital security solutions for identification documents, including contactless smart cards. Our mission is to promote the understanding and appropriate use of smart card technology to achieve enhanced security for enhanced ID management systems, while maintaining user privacy.

Such ID management systems include physical and/or logical access to facilities and networks.

Our Partners

Working with the following groups to help lead the charge for secure identification systems

Citizen Privacy Rights

Coalition members support specific citizen privacy rights as follows:

Privacy of personal information as defined by all relevant regulations and laws, principally the body of laws known as the Fair Information Practices.

Confidence that ID documents have been appropriately secured against threats of fraudulent access to personal information.

Knowledge of

  • 1what data is contained in electronic ID document;

  • 2how that data will be collected, secured and transmitted;

  • 3the presence of radio frequency (RF) technology in ID documents;

  • 4when, where and why an RF device is being read.

Secure ID News to Know

  • Secure Smart Cards & Mobile Payments: Innovation for Today…and Tomorrow

    Today, The Hill published the Secure ID Coalition's response to Daniel Castro's recent op-ed describing chip-enabled smartcards as an "old" and "outdated" technology. Mr. Castro, of the Center for Data Innovation, could not have been more wrong. Chip & PIN, delivered on a smart card, is the only mature secure payment technology that has successfully protected tens of millions of consumers from actual fraud and identity theft. One day, mobile payments will be a convenient secure way to help consumers conduct their financial transactions, but this emerging technology has many years of development, standardization and interoperability ahead.

    You can read our full response by clicking here.

  • Scarier Than Zombies: Medical Identity Fraud Should Terrify You This Halloween

    This Halloween, amidst the candy chomping, pumpkin carving, and costume wearing, the word "scary" will probably evoke images of zombies, vampires, and other monsters. While they can't hurt us in reality, we thought we'd focus on something that's not only truly terrifying, but real: data breaches. Like movie monsters, not all data breaches are created equal. One of the most horrifying types of data breach – if not the most traumatic – involves personal medical data. The worst a zombie can do is rise from the dead to feast on your flesh; healthcare data thieves, on the other hand, can not only imperil your life, but wipe out your finances – a fate almost worse than death. Read more...

  • New authentication standards may be in the works

    According to Secure ID News, the National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) may be seeking to revise the four-level authentication framework that currently serves as an important piece of secure identity assurance. The framework is embodied in NIST Special Publication 800-63, a technical document that maps out each of the four levels, and serves as a crucial guide to stakeholders concerned with secure authentication practices.